On the 2nd October 1900 a memorandum from Katsadimas, Mylonas and Rigas was submitted to the chairman of “SKOUFAS in order to create a theatre constituting part of the Association. Indeed, the Dramatic Association of Arta was founded in 1903. But the Balkan wars (1912-13), the Asia Minor’s disaster (1922) and other historical facts prevented the continuation of any theatrical effort.

After a long time of inactiveness, “SKOUFAS” used the newly constructed cinema TITANIC as its theatrical stage in 1939. The work of D. Bogris “Arravoniasmata” was played. From 1951 to 1964 several theatrical performances were given by the theatrical department of the Association (e.g. “The secret of countess Valerena” by Gr. Xenopoulos) Another period of theatrical inactivity followed until 25 June 1986, when the “Internal Regulation of Operation of Theatre and Cinema” was adopted aiming at the foundation of Theatrical School, Children's theatrical department, etc. Since thenseveral performances were scheduled, but the department’s function was interrupted because of financial and technical reasons. However, the members of “SKOUFAS” still make efforts to organize and renew the theatrical department