The Philological department has in its asset a series of social, scientific, folklore and intellectual events that are organized in the room of the intellectual roof of “SKOUFAS”. It has also the responsibility for the organization of various exhibitions regarding books, paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc., lectures and conferences of national or international character. The specific department usually collaborates with other institutions (Local government, Municipality, Educational institutions, other Associations) in order to organize similar events.

     As more characteristic, we could report the following events: 

- International Conference on the “Despotate” of Epirus

- Interdisciplinary seminar of philosophical research “SKOUFAS”

- Philosophical Conference on “Tradition and Creation”

- Presentation of the Proceedings of the International Conference on the “Despotate” of Epirus

- Lecture entitled: “The unique narration of Maximos Graikos -report in a Greek chronicle” by K. Tsiligiannis

- A two day Conference on “The Greek Language and the means of Communication”

- Projection of films from Drama’s Festival

- Lecture entitled: “Nationalism - Chauvinism - Racism” by S. Kargakos

- Concert of the American College chorus

- Conference on “The history and the culture of the “Despotate” of Epirus”

- Lecture on the “Theatrical performances in Ancient Greece outside Athens” by Th. Pappas, Professor of the Ionian University

- Concert of children’s choruses of Fiends’ Associations of Polyphonic Music of Ioannina and ISKRA, Intellectual Centre Kazanlak of Bulgaria

- Painting, sculptural and engraving exhibition of G. Nakos - D. Tsirogiannis

- Scientific Meeting entitled: “Social problems in the era of globalization”

- "Kariofili - Petrachili": a speech by “father” G. Metallinos, Professor of the University of Athens

     - The 2nd International Archaeological and Historical Congress on Byzantine Arta and its region.