The Chorus of Traditional Folk Song was founded in 1978 from persons-lovers of tradition and genuine folk song, aiming at the rescue and diffusion of musical tradition in its authentic form. According to the beliefs of the chorus’ founders, the traditional folk song constitutes national heritage.

     Since April 1978 the Chorus is an active department of the musical and philological Association of “SKOUFAS”. At first it was the only chorus in the region with the folk songrepertoire. For this reason its action and fame have spread in many regions of our homeland (Ioannina, Preveza, Agrinio, Mesolongj, Patras, Athens, etc.) where each performance of it has distracted flattering comments. This happened because until today the Chorus serves the folk song far from any personal ambition of its members, who are simple people of everyday life with intense love, taste and zeal for what they do.

     Leader and director of the Chorus for many years has been the teacher of Byzantine Music and Precentor, Evangelos Plakias. 

     In a time when falsification of our traditional song occurs, our Chorus looks like an oasis, and for this reason people of our city have accepted and supported this effort with satisfaction. Our wish is to attract young people to continue what we have started regarding our traditional song, which is a national social and cultural good.