Two years hardly afterwards the foundation of Association of “SKOUFAS” in 1898, the Board of the Association decided to found its Band. At first several instruments were ordered by the Miller House of Vienna. Nik. Panagopoulos was appointed as its first musician. In the meantime a great enthusiasm emerged in the young people of Arta, who wanted to learn music. The first public appearance of the Bandwas heldwith the participation of40 instruments. The Band continued to give concerts and participate in various events or national feasts led by important musicians, such as N. Robotis, M Mastoris, Mananteros.

As the time went by the Band and the Musical School of “SKOUFAS” were embraced by the local society. Musical lessons were offered for free, while the students could find a job in the military bands and they could participate in other bands in Greece. In the decades of 50 and 60, the Band was thriving. Excellent musicians were teaching young people, so the Band became famous and it was characterized as the best Band in the continental western Greece.                

Today the Band continues participating in national or religious ceremonies and other events not only in Arta’s Prefecture, but also allover Greece. It also continues to give musical lessons for free offering young people opportunities for their vocational rehabilitation.