The Philological department has in its asset a series of social, scientific, folklore and intellectual events that are organized in the room of the intellectual roof of “SKOUFAS”. It has also the responsibility for the organization of various exhibitions regarding books, paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc., lectures and conferences of national or international character. The specific department usually collaborates with other institutions (Local government, Municipality, Educational institutions, other Associations) in order to organize similar events.

     As more characteristic, we could report the following events: 

- International Conference on the “Despotate” of Epirus

- Interdisciplinary seminar of philosophical research “SKOUFAS”

- Philosophical Conference on “Tradition and Creation”

- Presentation of the Proceedings of the International Conference on the “Despotate” of Epirus

- Lecture entitled: “The unique narration of Maximos Graikos -report in a Greek chronicle” by K. Tsiligiannis

- A two day Conference on “The Greek Language and the means of Communication”

- Projection of films from Drama’s Festival

- Lecture entitled: “Nationalism - Chauvinism - Racism” by S. Kargakos

- Concert of the American College chorus

- Conference on “The history and the culture of the “Despotate” of Epirus”

- Lecture on the “Theatrical performances in Ancient Greece outside Athens” by Th. Pappas, Professor of the Ionian University

- Concert of children’s choruses of Fiends’ Associations of Polyphonic Music of Ioannina and ISKRA, Intellectual Centre Kazanlak of Bulgaria

- Painting, sculptural and engraving exhibition of G. Nakos - D. Tsirogiannis

- Scientific Meeting entitled: “Social problems in the era of globalization”

- "Kariofili - Petrachili": a speech by “father” G. Metallinos, Professor of the University of Athens

     - The 2nd International Archaeological and Historical Congress on Byzantine Arta and its region.


The Chorus of Traditional Folk Song was founded in 1978 from persons-lovers of tradition and genuine folk song, aiming at the rescue and diffusion of musical tradition in its authentic form. According to the beliefs of the chorus’ founders, the traditional folk song constitutes national heritage.

     Since April 1978 the Chorus is an active department of the musical and philological Association of “SKOUFAS”. At first it was the only chorus in the region with the folk songrepertoire. For this reason its action and fame have spread in many regions of our homeland (Ioannina, Preveza, Agrinio, Mesolongj, Patras, Athens, etc.) where each performance of it has distracted flattering comments. This happened because until today the Chorus serves the folk song far from any personal ambition of its members, who are simple people of everyday life with intense love, taste and zeal for what they do.

     Leader and director of the Chorus for many years has been the teacher of Byzantine Music and Precentor, Evangelos Plakias. 

     In a time when falsification of our traditional song occurs, our Chorus looks like an oasis, and for this reason people of our city have accepted and supported this effort with satisfaction. Our wish is to attract young people to continue what we have started regarding our traditional song, which is a national social and cultural good.


On the 2nd October 1900 a memorandum from Katsadimas, Mylonas and Rigas was submitted to the chairman of “SKOUFAS in order to create a theatre constituting part of the Association. Indeed, the Dramatic Association of Arta was founded in 1903. But the Balkan wars (1912-13), the Asia Minor’s disaster (1922) and other historical facts prevented the continuation of any theatrical effort.

After a long time of inactiveness, “SKOUFAS” used the newly constructed cinema TITANIC as its theatrical stage in 1939. The work of D. Bogris “Arravoniasmata” was played. From 1951 to 1964 several theatrical performances were given by the theatrical department of the Association (e.g. “The secret of countess Valerena” by Gr. Xenopoulos) Another period of theatrical inactivity followed until 25 June 1986, when the “Internal Regulation of Operation of Theatre and Cinema” was adopted aiming at the foundation of Theatrical School, Children's theatrical department, etc. Since thenseveral performances were scheduled, but the department’s function was interrupted because of financial and technical reasons. However, the members of “SKOUFAS” still make efforts to organize and renew the theatrical department


The Dancing Department of “SKOUFAS” Association was founded in 1978 and began its activity with a mixed group of traditional dances. Since then it has given many performances in cities of Greece and abroad and has extracted a lot of honorary discriminations. The specific department is constituted by two main groups, the members of which are selected by the total number of its members. The first group is the mixed dancing group composed from 40 dancers aged 18 to 30, while the second one is the women's dancing group constituted by 30 women. There is also a section of learning of traditional Greek dances addressed to small children and adolescents.The dancing department maintains a collection of traditional uniforms (authentic and copies) from various regions of Greece as well as a collection of local songs and books of traditional music and folklore. The research team of the Association has already recorded the customs of our region. The main objective of the dancing department is the maintenance of traditional values, the promotion of culture through the organization of seminars, festivals, lectures and other events, the publication of articles, books and CDs or DVDs, as well as the sensitization of young people so that they contact with the Greek customs and tradition. It participates in cultural events that promote tradition; it also takes part in national anniversaries, local feasts, festivals of traditional dances and similar events. During the last 30 years of its operation, the dancing department of “SKOUFAS” has given numerous performances presenting dances and songs from all the regions of Greece; however emphasis is given on the region of Epirus. It has also been presented in festivals organized by several Municipalities and Prefectures. 

Faithful to its purposes, that is the maintenance and diffusion of Greek music and dancing tradition, the dancing department has been recognized at national level. Since 1996 it organizes successfully the music and dancing event entitled: “TRADITION-DANCE-SONG”. The latter is one of the most important cultural events of our region. Many cultural Associations from Greece or abroad as well as artists of traditional music take part in this event, which aims at the growth of friendship and collaboration between cultural Associations. 

The chairman of “SKOUFAS” Association, Ioannis Koutsoubas has been one of the teachers of the specific department and has contributed to its progress very much.


Two years hardly afterwards the foundation of Association of “SKOUFAS” in 1898, the Board of the Association decided to found its Band. At first several instruments were ordered by the Miller House of Vienna. Nik. Panagopoulos was appointed as its first musician. In the meantime a great enthusiasm emerged in the young people of Arta, who wanted to learn music. The first public appearance of the Bandwas heldwith the participation of40 instruments. The Band continued to give concerts and participate in various events or national feasts led by important musicians, such as N. Robotis, M Mastoris, Mananteros.

As the time went by the Band and the Musical School of “SKOUFAS” were embraced by the local society. Musical lessons were offered for free, while the students could find a job in the military bands and they could participate in other bands in Greece. In the decades of 50 and 60, the Band was thriving. Excellent musicians were teaching young people, so the Band became famous and it was characterized as the best Band in the continental western Greece.                

Today the Band continues participating in national or religious ceremonies and other events not only in Arta’s Prefecture, but also allover Greece. It also continues to give musical lessons for free offering young people opportunities for their vocational rehabilitation.